Wednesday, April 4, 2018

IWSG - Writing as a compulsion. Blessing or curse?

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I started writing the moment I knew what writing was. When I was seven years old I wrote my first play. My cousin and I performed it for our large family during holiday. It was a one act skit about finding a baby on the beach and looking for its family. The performance climaxed with my announcing the baby was dead and dropping my baby doll to the floor. While our family was shocked, one drunk uncle clapped as my cousin and I bowed. My parents were convinced I was either brilliant, or deeply disturbed and in need of therapy.

Since then I've spent my time working in bookstores, or attending my idol's author signings asking for advice as a way of feeling less weird and isolated in my compulsive writing.

Ian Ranking - "Don't do too much research."

Bugging my heroes without the risk of getting slapped with a restraining order or arrested gave me (and has given me) the confidence to keep going.

Writing is about failure and the ability to take bad news on the chin. What do you do to dig down deep when it all seems pointless?