Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IWSG - Writing changed my Reading like Riding changed my Driving

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I've always been an avid book nerd, but when I became a serious writer I became a serious reader. Our great Southern Gothic novelist, William Faulkner told us to read it all. Read the good. Read the bad. Read everything, and I try. The more I read, the more I stumble across styles innovative and different. Work that leaves me thinking, "What eloquent delivery and amazing execution. This is really good. I should try that!" I'm reading not just as an audience member, but as a wordsmith. 

Octavia Butler's, Kindred made me want to try my hand at Science Fiction. I have an idea for a Cyber Hex novel I'm developing. Loren Eisley's, The Star Thrower made me want to write more philosophical shorts. I've started a Schopenhauerian story about a child's puppet stage.

Expanding the mind!

When I was taught how to ride a motorcycle I learned a lot about traction and the road. After I got my M1 license my driving changed dramatically. I was way more conscious and aware of what was around my car and how to brake under different weather and road conditions. Riding a motorcycle made me a better driver the same way writing seriously made me more conscious a reader.

How has writing changed your reading?