Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Being yourself, not caring what other people think, and why that's so hard.

It's the first Wednesday of the month! Time for Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group post. This is a safe place for writers to post their insecurities and get valuable feedback from others. To join Alex's brainchild and receive support from these amazing people CLICK HERE!!!

I just submitted and audio video essay to my Art of the Essay class and braced myself for mixed review. The video I made dealt with controversial topics as a comedy skit. I do try hard not to take my beliefs and philosophy too seriously. In my younger years I wasted so much time angry and upset. It took a minute to learn when I make a joke out of serious issues it makes them more palatable for the reader/viewer to stomach. In my work, I use dark humor to subvert the mystery novel similar to Raymond Chandler. While uncovering the mystery I introduce social justice issues the reader wasn't expecting, much like Walter Mosley. 

When I'm bored or feel like I'm being misunderstood it puts a stop to my creative process. I was scared I would feel this way after I submitted my assignment. Thankfully, neither of the above happened.  October is usually my most productive time of the year. 

The video was a bit off, and because I'm in art school people just assumed it was artfully done. I didn't mean for the voice to be out of synch. That was a result of hack video editing. Ha. I suppose I'm the most revealing in my videos because it's easier for me to be honest while doing a comedy skit. Similar to writer Jenny Lawson, I find it's easier to make fun of myself, my honest self during the big reveal. It's empowering. It takes away the power other people have to call me out on my flaws when I call them out first. I'll be posting my video here shortly. 

Do any of you find a specific medium or genre more honest for your work? If so, what?


  1. Congrats on submitting your video assignment! And I'm glad that it was received well. I wouldn't even begin to know how to edit a video.

    I think my only medium is writing.

  2. Thanks Chrys! I'm going to edit it down to two minutes, and then I'll post it here. It was very different from the rest of my cohort, but so far the opinions I care about appreciated the humor. I was so worried no one would get it, and I'd just look like an a-hole. Ha.