Wednesday, September 7, 2016

IWSG - Using euphemisms to write the sex scene. Why not to do it. I'm insecure about critiquing others work!

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You might have seen the last post where I rant about the three worst pieces of writing advice I've received. Show don't tell, only one point of view per manuscript, and don't worry about the title. I would like to add one more. Using euphemism to write a sex scene.

Periscope - ahem-

Does anyone think it attractive when their significant other uses euphemisms to describe sex? Is it a turn on to be told it's time for: "The old in-and-out." "Making the beast with two backs." "Doing the wild monkey dance."?


So why do it in your writing? 

Here's one for you. Bad prose is like bad sex. It's uncomfortable and can be painful. An MFA student in my graduate cohort argues that art is always about sex and death. I can go with that, but in art sex is most real when it's unaffected. I don't want to read about your submarine's erect periscope in search of her sandy beaches.

I'm saying this here because I'm too insecure to directly critique those who do this. I need to check my earlier writing. I could be guilty of it, too.

Have you ever experienced this? Hope everyone is ready for fall and not being tortured like I am. You guys rock!