Sunday, January 31, 2016

Three Basic Creative Writing Tips

Tips on how to induce creativity aren't for everyone. Here are basic tips that I consider pretty universal. The rest takes some experimentation. If the prompts are any good, you'll find out right away.

You've heard of the famous Hemingway technique. If not here's a brief synopsis. Hemingway would always stop at a point where he knew what was supposed to happen next as insurance he'd stay excited to get back to it. 

 The best way is always to stop when you are going good and when you know what will happen next. If you do that every day when you are writing a novel you will never be stuck. That is the most valuable thing I can tell you so try to remember it. -Hemingway

For obvious reasons, this method isn't for everyone.

I've read and have been offered some insane to rage inducing suggestions.

My three basic creative writing tips are as follows:

1. Creating and editing are two separate actions. There are no exceptions.

2. Don't describe an emotion -- make it. (Yes, that's Hemingway again.)

3. Read.

 I love comments! Please share what your favorite habits are. What works for you when you pick up the pen and/or type away?


  1. I have read that walking sparks creativity. In the study they compared outdoor walking to treadmill walking, and if I remember correctly, they both produced positive effects. I haven't tested it out, but I have heard that good ideas come during exercise. Personally, I tend to get good ideas while showering.

    1. Walking makes sense, but I'm a paper and pen kind of girl. I hate using my phone to record stuff. I'd have to stop a lot.

      That's funny that you mentioned the shower. I have the same affliction in the shower. It's gotten to where I'm considering a wipe-off board. By the time I'm out I seem to have washed the best ideas away.

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  3. I like those tips you wrote here. They seem really helpful, as for me. Especially the second one about creating and editing. That's why I shared these tips (actually your post) for our writers at I think it will be really useful for them.

    1. Hi Mina!

      That's fantastic. Thank you!