Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Lit Salon, Soul Cycle, and Naked Pictures of Your Ex-girlfriend

My sweet angel.
 I'm constantly defending my dog, Peaches. Jaze, a rapper, writer, and slam poet has dachshunds living next door. Jaze insists they're little assholes. One drew blood when Jaze approached it, and it's owner shrugged it off further proving that dogs share their owner's personality.

My dog, Peaches, is an angel.

My graduate cohort had our first Literary Salon a few days ago. The four of us spent over an hour huddled around our computers looking at screen shots of each writer. As the note taker, I needed to write a report on our discussion.

 I was getting vertigo as my screen rotated shots of each speaker. We discussed memory and the concept of memoir being a reconstruction that is not so much about the writer's memory, which is fallible, but their delivery of the reconstructed event.

Towards the end of my discussion my mom's dogs ran down towards the basement I was filming in. Peaches, then on my lap, went full lizard brain about it. There were a few gasps from my computer as I picked up my growling, snarling mini-Cujo.

My Mom's psycho dog that Peaches 'reacts' to.

Some of my cohort started laughing at the rabid mini-wiener dog.

Jaze said, "See."

"She's really sweet. Don't you believe me?"

Jaze said, "Uh uh."

Okay, Peaches is a little crazy. What did I say about dogs and their owners? My dog is nuts.

This is what the entryway looks like "empty". No, I don't know why my jaw is doing that. My selfie faces are unexplainable.

Soul Cycle defines itself as a Chakra centering mellow flow. That might be true, unless you have instructor Tiff. Tiff is one hundred pounds of Earth shattering energy. She. Kicked. My. Ass. I will definitely be taking Tiff's class again.

Space shoes.

Having speakers blasting heavy beats in your face as you curl free weights while keeping up with your space shoes, which are clipped in to your bike pedals like the sadistic contraption it is - is called motivation!

On an anti-Men's Rights Activist note,  new phenomena has reared its head on the Internet. Okay, not new but new to me. I over heard about this naked Pics of My Ex-Girlfriend revenge site first in the bookstore, then at Soul Cycle. Women are getting 'doxed' (click here if you don't know what doxed means) through a website called Naked Pics Of My Ex-girlfriend. Some not-so-honorable men are taking advantage of this freebie to ruin their ex-girlfriend's lives. Even in liberal SF, the fear is real.

Remember chicas, video is forever! Has anyone else heard of this?


  1. Yes! It's happening to businesses too. We got doxed by the girlfriend of a client over several business social media sites! Caused our Avvo rating to fall a point. Fortunately, we have a full time IT guy who fixed it. James, you're worth every penny and more!

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