Friday, August 21, 2015

Um, what?

One would assume working in a bookstore your days are fully spent engaging in stimulating conversation. A bookseller is blessedly spared from stupid annoying questions. 

In the words of Betty Boop - No. No. A thousand times, no!

I'm minding my own business in the Women's Studies section when a woman around my age approaches me.

"I'm thinking of getting, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for my brother who just bought a motorcycle," she says.

"Let me check if we have it on hand." I walk over to my computer and begin typing.

"No, I know you have it. What is it about?"

"The title is pretty self explanatory," I say.

"So, it's about actual motorcycles?" she asks.

"It's about a father and son riding across country incorporating eastern philosophy and social commentary with motorcycle maintenance."

"Oh, no. That sounds wordy, complicated, and way heavy," she says shaking her head with her nose wrinkled.

"It is in our Philosophy section, I say. "It forces us to think."

She's already waving her hand around to swat my words away.

"Yeah, no. He really wouldn't like it. He hates that stuff. What would you recommend for someone like that?" she asks.

"You want me to recommend a book for someone who hates to think?"

"Like, heavy thinking, yeah. Where would something like that be?" she asks as she actually looks around the store. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

My second book and hyper-specific updates.

The 'My Bad' Post. Talk of snuff porn leading to mass genocide, priest orgies, and taxes has desensitized me.

I missed posting to the Insecure Writer's Support Group this month. :(

My bad, Alex. To learn more about what that is click ISWG.

Life's full of excuses. I just got back from Alaska, switched jobs, and started graduate school. Big so what compared to my writing peers who keep posting through chemotherapy, losing jobs, homes, and loved ones.

Life happens and we all need to keep our commitments. 

I now work at a different bookstore here in San Francisco. The transition was easy, and I still work for the same independent book company. What's amazing about independent bookstores is we literally find no subject taboo to discuss. Here we are free to banter about everything, and we do.

As a bookseller it's hard to take advantage of this. But our customers here in San Francisco go right ahead, without fear, and talk about anything.

From your stuffed animals coming to life and having group sex to homosexual serial killer aliens from outer space, there's not an idea under the sun that hasn't been written about. No matter how gross, morbid, or horrifying a topic, it's been put in a book at one time or another. 

It follows logically that you can talk about pony tail butt plugs on coupled sex, snuff porn leading to mass genocide, priest orgies, your taxes (now that's just sick) and anything else in my bookstore.

I'm now insecure about that I've been desensitized by this. I'm no longer allowed in polite society. There. I said it.

That's a good thing, right? You don't want to be around those boring normal people when you get to work in a bookstore, right?