Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How my collective neurosis keep me in shape.

On my run today. You can't see it here, but people are actually surfing the break.   

Hi Bloggers!

Did I mention that I have a touch of ADHD and if I don't do cardio in the morning I can't sit still?

Did I ever bring up the fact if I don't wake up a tad hungover or exhausted from the previous day's workout my sliver of OCD prevents me from driving to work without circling the block, getting out of my car and double, sometimes triple checking my flat iron is off and my apartment doors are locked?

Did you say something? I'm sorry. My auditory processing deficiency is showing.

My neurosis are why I'm in shape and now I've found the guts to make use of it. I'm training for a half marathon in July and a full marathon in October.

My eye fly at mile four. It's the fly's fault I had to walk a bit. Bastard!
 Today I ran six miles, yesterday three miles of hills, the day before yesterday ten miles and the day before that was a rest day. That day I drove around the block to double check my flat iron... you see the pattern. 

I'm glad I'm in shape before my MFA Writing and Conscouisness program begins in August. Writers are bizarre. 

Ha! I tried to smile. The creased brow and hard stare makes me look oddly like my father.