Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dear Tom, I just found out there's a portal to another dimension in your office.

The other night I left this note for our receiver at the bookstore:

Dear Tom,
I just found out there's a portal to another dimension in your office. Just thought you'd want to know. Hope you're having a good day.


When I walk into the bookstore the next day both Tom and my manager approach me.

"Adrienne, where is it?" asks my manager. 

I noticed Tom's thick black tie and stiff shouldered sport coat. Tom is wearing his nineteen-forties attire today. He likes to swing back and forth between the forties and sixties. 

"Where's what?"

"The portal."


... and then I launch into it.

The night before I was attempting to do some secondhand clothes shopping on my break during an author event, when a man from the neighboring shop intercepted me.

He told me that not only do many ghosts take up residence in our bookshop, but a portal was opened by the Masons from this building. 

Neighboring Masonic Temple

He went on to say that if I opened the door in our receiving room I would see where the old corridor was boarded up. That's where the portal is.

When I got back to the shop I headed straight back to the receiving room. I moved some book carts that were leaning up against the single old door. When I creaked it open, old brick and mortar crumbled against the new wall that separated the two buildings. 

I clicked my flashlight on my phone and shined inside. In between the two walls towards the back was a leveled old street lamp lying on it's side.

"I then shut the door and left Tom the note," I finish.

They both squint at me with creased brows.

"A book flew off the shelf by itself when I was closing one evening. You know what book it was?" asks my manager.

"No, what?"

"Ghosts of Alameda." My manager's face - dead serious.


  1. That. Is. Awesome.

    I want to see this portal!

    1. It's from the mouth of a questionable source, so the info is unfounded. When Tom said, "Yeah, that used to be a passage way." I was like, "Whoa!" Makes for a fun story.