Monday, November 3, 2014

October Recap: NC Independent Booksellers Association Discovery Show

My co-worker and I at the event, right before the author booths and cocktails.
As a bookseller for Books Inc. I had the pleasure of attending my first Northern California Independent Booksellers Discovery Show.

Art work samples for Miles To Go
Ravina and I met Miles To Go artist, Greg Kerr. Books Inc. already carries some items in our store, but I'm still pushing for clothing. I own the Hunter S. Thompson Las Vegas Skull Visor tote. 

Getting to speak with Greg was fun. He was cool, personable and informal. To my complete non-surprise he's also well read. Check him out at

Ravina and I making our rounds to the author booths.

Author Jory John
You might remember this guy's zine All My Friends Are Dead. Jory John was a fun guy to meet. If only we could load up a syringe and inject that energy! His new book, Terrible Two hits shelves 1.13.15.

Ravina being served a whisky sour with her a copy of  12 Bottle Bar.
Nick and Andy (Nick's my boss)

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