Monday, September 1, 2014

Last lap

Almost done

I see the finish line and I'm barely going to make the page count to be in the running for the contest. It's impossible for me to know if my writing is good or bad while I'm writing. One minute I'm a creative genius, the next a waste of space, ink and paper. 

Two hours and forty minutes to go.


  1. Good for you! My fingers are crossed. :)

    1. Thank you Chrys! It's my fourth year in a row.

      Sometimes I have to torture work out of myself. Pain makes you appreciate the absence of pain. -insert war time philosophy here-

  2. We definitely all feel like that from time to time. And wishing you good vibes!

  3. Best of luck with your writing journey. Remember today is IWSG. IWSG Co-Host

  4. You need to look up my post on speed writing. Good luck! :)

    IWSG #179 until Alex culls the list again.