Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day One of the Three Day Novel Contest

What my story board looked like this morning.
I just completed day one of the 3 Day Novel Contest. This is my fourth year participating. For me it's a sure shot at getting a new manuscript to work on. It took all I had to put aside my other projects but after last year, my third year in a row of typing out a first draft in three days, it's a tradition. At this point  it will jinx my writing not to enter the contest.

What my story board looked like early this evening.

Just like the year before, I'll be blogging about my progress. 

I was going through the metaphysics section at the bookstore doing a 'cleanup' and noticed we have more than a few tarot decks missing. I mentioned this to our manager and he told me a story.

He was looking for a tarot deck for a woman who wanted it for a gift and couldn't find any, but according to our inventory system we should have had five. The woman then explained it to him. 

According to a few beliefs tarot can either be given as a gift, like she plans to do, or must be stolen. 

This gave me an idea for a story.

It seems most of our funny stories involve the metaphysics section. Because our store houses and can order some esoteric stuff we get odd requests. I had to hunt down four out-of-print fairy decks for a coven one time. Talk about a pain in the ass.

"These cards are expensive," says one of the women.

"They weren't easy to find," I say.

"Do I need a book to read these cards?" asks the woman.

"That depends. Are you psychic?" I ask.

She turns walks away.

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