Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I'm meeting with the Desert Island Book Club on the 24th at 7pm to discuss my mystery series.

Desert Island Book Club will be meeting July, 24th 7pm at Books Inc. to discuss Twist.

There are a group of readers who want to meet at Books Inc. to discuss my mystery novel Twist. I still need to mentally prepare. Maybe it's a cruel joke. Then it wont matter.

I've been MIA on all things online and it has given me anxiety. I hope it's worth it. A close writer friend assured me that my progress has slowed. If I don't cut out all extracurriculars the new editor that has magically appeared to flush out Twist's sequel Chosen won't help me.

My schedule has its boot on my neck and dictates as it squeezes down, "If you want to write books and short stories you must do nothing else."

I have to work for food, clothes and stuff. 

I have to do intense cardio everyday to keep the noise down in my head and focus. After my morning/afternoon work out I can sit still.

When I take time off from exercise I have access energy. I can't sit still. I start to drink, then get into trouble. Like, going to jail trouble. I can't write in there. The lights are too bright.

Chosen is finished and still in the editing process. I learned many lessons with Twist. Sales are great at the bookstore. My advice to Indie pubs out there is to just go for it. When there are no barriers between you and your readers you learn about your style and your audience. 

Most of the criticism I've received for Twist has been invaluable. Becca's voice in Chosen is so much clearer. Thank you to all my new and old beta readers for your input. I couldn't have finished Chosen without you.

Once the final edits are done for Chosen, my illustrator, graphic designer and I will put together the interior and exterior files. Play time!