Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fetishizing The Process

Many writer's fetishize their writing process. Maybe the insanity it takes to treat it with fetishism makes it more enjoyable. It does for me... at times.

The anthology How I Write, The Secret Lives of Authors details this in an almost heroic fashion. We had this book on sale at the store and I managed to begin a short discussion. It was short because I napalmed the discussion before it had a chance to begin.

I'm what others describe as a heart on their sleeve kind of person. When I have conversations I like to start with the disturbing stuff. Just get it out of the way.

In the middle of my sharing I start with how it feels to have my creativity rushed due to deadlines, lack of time and what have you. 

"It's like digging for a splinter that I have to split skin and spill blood for. I dig and dig and dig and it hurts and sometimes I can't find the damn thing. But I know it's there! I can feel it. Shit hurts."

"What the shit are you talking about Adrienne?"

-napalm launched-

Best overheard chat at the store:

Grandma: "You don't know what Texas Toast is? I raised your daddy on it back in Austin. Your daddy had it at least once a week. I can't believe my grandson doesn't know what Texas Toast is!"

Grandson: "I want Texas Toast!"

Grandma: "No, It's actually pretty disgusting."

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