Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why you write.

I've had writers come in to the bookstore depressed and upset that they're not achieving their definition of success. As an independent bookstore in the Bay Area we sell self published and traditionally published authors of our buyers choosing. 

When the self published ones come in they're directed to me. I'm not the only published author/ book seller in our store but I'm by far the newest and the only one just getting their first whisper heard in this noisy industry. All my e-books are still uncorrected proofs. I haven't zipped and unzipped the file to switch to the edited version. The third edition of Twist is the only completed version and is the one that will be available in stores. It's a process.

As a bookseller you see patterns. For most novelists it takes their fourth or fifth book for an audience to find them. When I hand out free hard copies of Twist and one person comes back to me saying they either liked or didn't like my book I am deeply honored that they took the time to read my work. Ecstatic if they say they enjoyed it. 

The entire art industry is a rough and tumble place. So why do you write?

I write because I have to get all these ideas I have crowded in my head out and apply them to something or I'll go insane, and drive other's insane with my ranting about random facts and storytelling. 

The novelists who write for fame and fortune are delusional. 

"But look at Hugh Howey, Amanda Hocking and Allie Brosch," they'll insist.

"And every year someone wins the lotto. The statistics are pretty similar," I'll reply and I can see it in their eyes. They don't want to believe me and secretly think I'm jealous of their genius. They want to labor under the dream of exotic cars and investing in real estate. You can't argue with crazy.

I've dedicated my entire life to books because it's my happy place. I do what feels good. The people I work with write and create art because they genuinely can't imagine doing anything else.

My co-worker friend Keri created this great blog and didn't even put a follower button. I broke in a put one on for her. Didn't even have a button! You know why? Because she honestly doesn't give a shit.

I didn't even know she had a blog and it looks better than mine because I'm not a trained visual artist. Check her out Keri Contrary's Blog.

Keri Contrary (Keri Schroeder)
Artist, Bookbinder, Grad Student, Book Seller, Gallery Coordinator


  1. Thanks Adrienne! You're awesome. :)

  2. Thanks Adrienne! You're awesome. :)

    1. Of course. I know it's hard with such a full freakin plate but keep up the blog! I love it's content. ;)