Monday, March 3, 2014

Oakland Swap Meet thumbs down. Oakland Art Scene thumbs up!

I had to work this Saturday but not until four. Deciding to make the most of the day my truck operator designated me navigator as we headed off to explore something new. The Oakland Swap Meet.

I designated my outdated iPhone assistant navigator. Together we failed. My operator and I ended up at a carpet and flooring store which my companion wanted to check out. Once inside we were greeted, then shadowed by a very sweet, overly enthusiastic older sales woman. 

After drifting through wall to wall cheap carpet and vinyl flooring we were told we could get a free leopard and or zebra print hallway runner. After declining the sales woman handed me a basket of clothes pins and sadly walked away.

After zero convincing from my companion I set the basket down and we headed out of the building. The older woman waved at us sadly. The fact that she couldn't even give the store's runners away is not indicative of future sales. 

After a bit of a hassle navigating, and witnessing a Honda get t-boned by a Subaru (come on, you're from the same country) we get to the Swap Meet. 

Girl Scouts were selling last call Girl Scout Cookies. Residence were selling twenty to thirty dollar parking spaces. Once inside we were hit with the musk of dust and the faintest soupcon of dead skin cells. 

The most interesting to me was the book section which my companion immediately grabbed my elbow shaking their head as I attempted to head toward.

"Nu, uh. That's your quicksand. If you enter I'll never see you again."

They were right.

After marching asses to elbows with other swap meet goers loudly belly aching about price, cost and haggling over firm fixes we leave.

I'm bummed. Then, down the road just a tad I spot a shimmer on a purple building which turned out to be this!

Located: 829 27th Ave., Oakland, CA 94601

Located inside were a number of wonderful spaces. I was informed by the proprietor the evening of March 14th is when all the artist will be in attendance of a new exhibition and to come back then. It's a great use of space to represent talent. If you're in the neighborhood I recommend you swing by. 

A couple, after exiting Jingletown's courtyard, opted to buy a pricey sculpture. It's wonderful to see a talented hard working artist get paid their dues.

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