Thursday, March 6, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group. Am I dark enough?

It's time for another post to Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group. As one of his writing space ninja warriors I think I should be feeling a lot cooler than I have been.

My current favorite show is HBO's True Detective and damn if it doesn't embody the noir genre. The dynamic way they juxtapose Woody Harrelson's character to Matthew McConaughey's creates some tasty tension. The story line is Shakespearean. It makes my Rebecca Ashley Mystery Series seem full of unicorns and rainbows. 

True Detective makes me ask myself, "Am I dark enough?"

I promote my work as contemporary noir. My branding - modern outlaw, ancient mystery. I'm worried my work is laughably tame. My knee jerk reaction is to add in a rape scene, a murder suicide and four more drug addicts to the second book in my series Chosen. 

I know it's gratuitous and not cohesive with the story. 

HBO's True Detective is a bad influence. It's so bad it's good.

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  1. It is a good show.
    Stay true to what you write. Unless you can fit it in of course!

    1. If I can make it flow like Nick Pizolatto does in True Detective I'm game. ;)