Sunday, March 2, 2014

"$20 for a new student I.D. because she attached a penis."

My co-worker is currently in graduate school at my alma mater Mills College. She had some interesting news to tell me. First, you need to know that Mills College is a private four year liberal arts school and is the only woman only under graduate school on the west coast. Men can only participate in the graduate programs at Mills.

My friend was standing in line behind a young man currently enrolled in a graduate program. The young man was irate that he had to pay twenty dollars for a new I.D. because his identity had slightly changed. He had gone to Mills for undergrad for shit's sake!

He couldn't have been here for undergrad, thought my friend, men aren't allowed.

If you get married, change your social or state of residency you have to pay twenty bucks for a new I.D.

The man explained refusing to budge on the issue that he wasn't about to pay extra for his added bulge.

Turns out this little change in gender was costing the young man twenty bucks. Maybe he thought his added appendage just wasn't big enough to cause that big a deal. Twenty bucks is twenty bucks.

I find the issue interesting.

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