Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group. Mercury Is In Retrograde Through Valentine's Day!

It's the first Wednesday of the month which means it's time to lay down and release my worries and fears to Alex J. Cavanaugh's brain child, The Insecure Writer's Support Group. Let's see how many pick up what I'm laying down.

I have many reasons as a dreamer not to subscribe heavy meaning to astrological signs and horoscopes. I'm a Capricorn. This means I'm supposed to be grounded and practical. Anyone who knows me snorts with laughter when reading my sign. 

I've had a slew of strange infuriating things happen to me in the last two to three weeks. A blog post got re-posted and re-posted and re-posted so many times that by the time it was brought to my attention I was near cardiac arrest. Social media gives me social anxiety. My internet crashed, took sometime to get fixed, then crashed again. Comcast finally came out again to sort it out. 

I am now a supervisor at my indie bookstore. The best blessing of the New Year as I love going to work. I have a lot more hours and a lot less free time. I'm juggling a myriad of writing projects and I've been caught off guard by these unforeseen distractions.

I confided my 'shit storm' to a co-worker who clued me in that Mercury is in retrograde and now is the time for reflection only. I am to avoid tech, digital, and mechanical decisions. Digital, mechanical and and all things tech are bound to go haywire. My friend is as wise as he is eccentric. Given the contradictory info the stars have given me over the years I remained a 'healthy skeptic'.

Then my car breaks down.

Yes, my car. My family and I have spent all day running around trying to find this obscure part (my brother and SIL's uncle work on cars). If the dealer doesn't have it when we call tomorrow we'll have to order the injection coil with a weird part overseas. This for a model with a history of being one of the most reliable cars. 

People who attribute meaning, negative meaning, to things like planetary alignment self sabotage. But this is ridiculous. Part of me thinks I'm putting the negative energy out there myself. The other part of me wonders, am I cursed? 

There, that's my insecurity of the month. I feel better. ;)


  1. I believe in horoscopes and sun signs. While my horoscope doesn't always make sense or match up, I've noticed a lot of them do. I used to use tarot cards. Once I was told to stay away from sharp objects. I snorted and rolled my eyes. Then a two days later a cut myself between my thumb and forefinger. I can list many more incidents, but won't.

    I don't think you're cursed though. We all go through these stretches of "bad luck". Ride it out the best you can and stay positive. Once things get fixed, everything will be all right. :)

    1. For every action there's a reaction and the pendulum swings, right? I'm hoping this means March of 2014 will be fucking fantastic!
      Cheers! Thanks Chrys.

  2. I don't believe in horoscopes. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

    1. Thanks Andrew! I didn't subscribe to it like this before. Always thought it was fun though. Now, not so much. ;)

  3. Here's something to think about: when horror-scopes were first developed was there any such thing as digital or electronics? Case closed. It can't rain all the time.

  4. Alex's IWSG is pretty awesome:) Sorry about your car, I've had similar vehicle issues and it stinks...blame Mercury for it;)