Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ian Rankin's Book Signing in Corte Madera

Ian Rankin speaks over a pint.

I immensely enjoyed Ian Rankin's book signing Friday night. He was surprising light hearted and funny considering how dark his crime fiction is. 

He was asked many times what he thought about the political climate in Scotland and with each answer the Scotsman remained Switzerland. He did explain why Scotland will always be safe from terrorists with an anecdote from recent events.

Terrorists attempted to bomb one of their airports. The vehicle only made it to the front door when it all went wrong. The men ran out of the vehicle on fire and were kicked to the ground by locals, civilians. 

"Scotland, where they'll kick a burning man. I think we're safe," Rankin laughs.

He signed my copy of his most recent book Saints of the Shadow Bible:
Dear Adrienne,
Good luck with your career. Remember not to do too much research.

This is definitely going on the Do Not Borrow shelf in my library.  


  1. He does sound funny! I love getting to see peaks into author events, there aren't too many that come around my way. =(

  2. Book Passages in Corte Madera is famous for them. We get some great authors come through Books Inc. as well.

  3. Hi Adrienne,
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