Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ian Rankin's Book Signing in Corte Madera

Ian Rankin speaks over a pint.

I immensely enjoyed Ian Rankin's book signing Friday night. He was surprising light hearted and funny considering how dark his crime fiction is. 

He was asked many times what he thought about the political climate in Scotland and with each answer the Scotsman remained Switzerland. He did explain why Scotland will always be safe from terrorists with an anecdote from recent events.

Terrorists attempted to bomb one of their airports. The vehicle only made it to the front door when it all went wrong. The men ran out of the vehicle on fire and were kicked to the ground by locals, civilians. 

"Scotland, where they'll kick a burning man. I think we're safe," Rankin laughs.

He signed my copy of his most recent book Saints of the Shadow Bible:
Dear Adrienne,
Good luck with your career. Remember not to do too much research.

This is definitely going on the Do Not Borrow shelf in my library.  

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Sorry For The Post Bomb

My computer/internet was not cooperating with me yesterday. I was on the phone with Comcast before heading off to work today but didn't really accomplish anything. My Internet is moving painfully slow and my computer needs more space to run. It needs a clean up.

Good thing the internet works nice and fast at the Bookstore or this wouldn't get sent until after I hit the Mac store. 

My Film Noir Festival post ended up publishing around twenty times. Because I have my blog set to automatically post to G+ my writing community was hit nice and hard.

 So, just so you know...

There's a Film Noir Festival in San Francisco from January 24th to February 2nd and I'm sorry to all I'm connected to that, that bugged the crap out of.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Film Noir Festival!

I want to start off by saying I have not forgotten about my Tuesday YouTube video. YouTube has not been cooperating. That paired with my computer moving at the speed of evolution has contributed to my video being a day late. I apologize!

San Francisco's Film Noir Festival starts January 24th. I'm very excited for this. The man in charge of the festival is an Alameda resident and was in the store a few days ago. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Wendy Lesser's WHY I READ

My friend, author Jerry Thompson introducing Wendy Lesser
This was my first book signing I worked at our store. It was fun and I learned a lot. You hear horror stories about authors acting like high maintenance divas. Wendy was neither. Wendy Lesser approached me with her husband and friends and announced she was the author. She came across as completely unaffected by her success and extensive repertoire. 

Wendy Lesser discussing 'authority'
From Austen to Zola Wendy Lesser details her journey through books and their importance. Why I Read proves once again Wendy Lesser is a significant cultural critic.

 My favorite part of her reading in our store was her emphasis on authority. She argued semantics that she wasn't using the term authority in the traditional masculine dominating sense but in the way that makes you want to listen. 

Writers need to have authority. It's the key to good even great writing. It's not about talking down to the reader, it's about giving them a reason to trust your words. She says when going through 'the slush pile' she'll read a random page of work and if the author's voice has authority she'll rescue the manuscript from almost certain death.

Over all the most fun I've had at a book signing.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review for BLUE NUDE

I've never written a book review as a post. That in and of itself should tell you how much I was moved by Elizabeth Rosner's novel Blue Nude.

I did a YouTube video review on Blue Nude but mostly discussed Rosner's passive voice and why it works. I enjoyed how lyrical and poetic her novel is and I don't particularly like poetic novels. Especially a love story between an artist and his muse. Not my taste at all. The best part about my independent bookstore is that it forces me to step outside my comfort zone.

I found it interesting that her dialogue used little to no punctuation but now I have to make an addendum. I only read the unpublished proof. I realize now that her editor could have made some changes that I didn't get to see.

This story challenges ones lack of faith in humanity and insists that now no matter what your pasts are or where you come from human beings can relate on some solid meaningful level, even fall in love. This was a beautiful story.  

I was given it to read at work because the setting is the same as the setting for Twist. It all takes place at the San Francisco Art Institute. I highly recommend this book.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year! Let's start the first post with the Insecure Writer's Support Group!

Due to the first Wednesday of the month being New Years Day Alex J. Cavanaugh's Insecure Writer's Support Group was asked to post today. The sequel to Twist in my Rebecca Ashley series titled Chosen has made it into the hands of a select few Beta readers. Other Beta readers I have lined up that are more picky about certain things are going to have to wait until I flush out the manuscript a bit more. Insecurity number one.

The second insecurity I have to start off 2014 is crowd pleasing. I've noticed lately I've been getting caught up in the growing numbers and/or lack there of, of subscribers, followers, google plus circles, Facebook likes, ext. 

More than once I've posted a video thinking, 'Will this entertain everyone? Do I talk about a certain book/subject too long?' 

This goal this year is to stick to why I started blogging, vlogging and writing books in the first place. It's it's about me exploring myself as an artist and pulling something out of me that can be painful at times but in the end is enjoyable. 

I need to focus on exploring myself as an artist and not get hung up on what others will accept or be repulsed by. If I'm honest with myself and everyone else it will resonate. It's about having fun. My goal this year is to not let my competitive side get in my way.

Check out the IWSG here! Also, my friend R. Leigh Hennig who helps manage the G+ group Craft of Creative Writing just started a Science Fiction Publishing Magazine that is now accepting submissions!