Monday, December 2, 2013

Damn the distractions!

It's hard to get back in the swing of things over the holidays. I have work lined up. I'm working a gig Friday and I'm finally going to start at the independent bookstore I'd mentioned earlier. Now I can sit back and focus on the second draft of my next book. Um...right?


I am having a harder time than ever avoiding the mundane shit that keeps me from applying ass to chair. I do my usual - turn off my modem, take out the dog, and have a pot of coffee within reach before I sit down but damn if it isn't hard to focus after the booze over-indulgence and turkey tryptophan overload imbibed over the holiday.

I push the 'turn on brain' button and get prompted the question 'Are you sure you don't want to eat and drink first?'

Getting back into a work rhythm after the noisiest of holidays sucks. I stuck to my promise to avoid burnout and remember fun. I was so effective in fact that now I can't keep my butt at my desk long enough to get any work done. I'm getting together with some writer friends to form a work group. Kind of like an adult study group where you're motivated by others to do work because they're working. Time to rally.


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  2. Try to limit your time to fifteen min of writing. Just try it.

    1. Will do Kenny once this second draft is finished. ;)

  3. you are so insightful and so damn funny....i'd marry your dog Miss....