Friday, November 8, 2013

The Built In Excuse Of Being A Writer

I was just on the phone and asked what I was doing. Before I could stop myself I answered, "I'm sitting in bed."

"It's ten thirty on a weekday!" exclaims the woman sitting in an office on the other end.

I amend my statement, "I'm sitting in bed writing."

"Oh," she says.

It's why sometimes our hair is messy and some days we stay in our pajamas until noon. My attempts at social media aren't the best. I don't have a flashy website (I'm getting to it). My video quality is shitty (I'm working on it). If I focused on those things I'd have no time to write!

I invoke the built in excuse of being a writer.

It's nice to be free of the confines of perfection.

If you agree and call it creative freedom or don't agree and think I'm a lazy bum, tell me in the comments below. 

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