Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Was Nominated For Another Liebster Award!

I know I'm late. I got distracted this weekend and my Monday was derailed. I'm still trying to edit this weeks YouTube video.

I copied this Liebster Award logo from Rose's blog. ;)

Rose has done research for the previous award post on what the Liebster award is (see that post here).  

~Rules For Accepting The Award~

~Link back to the blog that nominated you.

~Answer the questions they set for the blogs they nominated.

~Nominate 10 blogs of your own, and be sure to let them know, with a link to your post!

~Ask 10 questions for the blogs you nominate to answer in their post.

~My Questions~

1. How long have you been blogging? Almost six months I think.

2. What kind of stuff to you post about? I post about writing, marketing and being an all around nut.

3.  What's your favorite book? This morning I'm feeling it's Simone de Beauvoir's A Dutiful Daughter.

4. What's your favorite movie adaptation of a book? Lord of The Rings and I'm looking forward to seeing Ender's Game.

5.  If you could travel to any book land, where would you go?
Amazonia so Wonder Woman and her mother Diana can teach me to be a bad ass and I can pick up a pair of super cute boots and magic accessories. (Insert extra nerd points here)
6.  What book character is most like you, and why? Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter because I'm a dreamer who's also awkward and inappropriate.

7.  What made you want to start blogging? I wanted to connect more with my online writing community.

8. What's your favorite kind of music? I like everything from Classical to Experimental.

9.  Who's your favorite band/artist? That's tough. I'm entranced by all three of Jack White's bands.

10. What are you doing for Thanksgiving? I'm going to Tahoe with my family.


My Questions For My Nominees

1. Cats or dogs?
2. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
3. Psychology or sociology?
4. Which fictional world would you most want to visit?
5. Which fictional world would you least want to visit?
6. Fellas, boxers or briefs? Ladies, boy shorts or floss?
7. What do you claim as your talent?
8. What's the name of your first pet? (if you never had one I apologize and hope you were still hugged as a child.)
9. Have you now, or will you ever go back to Myspace?
10. How many hours a day are you on the internet. (be honest!)


  1. Ooo, look at you, Ms. Awards! ;) Seriously, congrats. It's fun reading your answers!

  2. Thank you for the nomination!! :) Here is my post in case you want to see my answers!

    1. Thanks Nichole. I love these kinds of up dates. Stopping by your site to read them now. ;)