Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing and Marketing

The opera yesterday was salvaged better than I expected. The only thing I really didn't like during the dress rehearsal was the Flying Dutchman's costume. When I think of the Flying Dutchman I envision a wealthy pirate, not Rasputin. This is in no way a knock against opera singer, Greer Grimsley, who was fantastic in the role.
He needs a hat. Something!
I'm working on the final climax of Chosen, the sequel to Twist, and my Tuesday YouTube video which I'm very excited about. I was discussing it with a non-writing friend who made the off hand comment that sustaining an audience has more to do with good marketing than good writing. I can't disagree more!

Even from a purely market based standpoint you first have to have a good product. All great marketing does is help a bad product fail faster. If you have a great product and terrible marketing it just prolongs the process, but eventually the word will get out and the product will sell. 

So many people are focused on how to publish, when to publish and where. First, you need to write a good book. Something actually representative of your work that you can stand behind through all the negative feed back you are bound to receive due how subjective the art of it is. When you publish your debut novel your reputation is on the line. I believe that if you write a good book your audience will find you.

What's your opinion? I heart comments!


  1. The best marketing in the world won't fix a product or service that sucks.