Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TWIST Is Now Available In Print! Plus I'm Pissed!

I could kill the office manager at my apartment complex. My print proof for TWIST arrived yesterday! It was signed for by the office manager. Apparently I like to pay extra money to have packages expedited and sit unopened in a dark room.

If you sign for an over nighted package for one of your tenants isn't it safe to assume that they NEED IT NOW!

On top of that, once I had clicked on the tracking number to find out where the hell my proof was that I paid to have overnighted and saw that Ms. Toofuckingtiredtocallme signed for it I went down to the office. The office is closed. CLOSED! Closed, with a sign announcing it will be back open tomorrow at 9am. $%^&*#@! **&^%!!!!!!

My cousin is BARTing in from the city to work on the YouTube vlog. I call the maintenance guy who agrees to come to the complex and help me out. Genius. The man is nice enough to come back to where he just left work to help me out and an office of three b*&ches can't pick up a phone.

Gah! I'm done. That feels better. I love you blogspot!

Click on the Createspace link on your right to purchase the print copy of TWIST. TWIST will be available in print on Amazon in a few days.

Has anything like this happened to you? Share in the comments below! Sharing is caring and I just shared all over you. ;)


  1. Lazy person! Geez -_-. I had something like this happen, but not quite as bad. I had ordered a laptop from Dell and instead of UPS leaving a note saying they needed a signature and they'd be back tomorrow or pick it up at the UPS place...they had one of my neighbors in the town home complex sign for it. I was PISSED. I had no idea who the eff these people were and I had to trudge over there and ask them for my laptop. Ugh.

    1. That's disturbing. UPS was partly to blame for this as well. They could have easily walked down to my apartment and delivered my proof right into my hands. I was home most of the day. FedEx is always right at my door. Here, if they can't drive up to it UPS doesn't make it.

  2. Adrienne,
    Have you think about taking some yoga classes ? Lol!
    Everytime I'm impatiente (every single minute of my day!) and waiting for something like an email, a delivery, a phone call...I've noticed that the universe plots against me! So I'm cursing like a sailor while grinding my teeth. Not very ladylike but SO much liberating!
    So your post made me laught!

    1. Hi Lucie!
      I try to do Bikram twice a week. Still, no amount of deep breathing was going to help me through yesterday. Ha! I was anticipating taking a look at my proof so much that something like the above was bound to happen. Hope you're having a good week.

  3. How bloody annoying!! Grr!! Glad you've finally got copies in your hands. Congrats on your book and I hope the launch goes well :)

    1. Thanks Laura!
      I'm trying to figure out my film editing. This should be interesting. ;)