Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bear With Me While I Get My Channel Up & Running

I could totally use a vent and go on a tangent right now but I'm trying to make up for the pissy post I left you guys with Tuesday.

The video is done but of course right when I'm trying to edit it down to go live a gazillion things come up that I have to do. I will write an announcement post when the video is available. After discussing with a few people my networking ideas and what I'm doing in my spare time I've gotten some mixed reactions.



"How long did the first book take you? When do you plan on having it's sequel done?"


"It must be nice to have the luxury of all that free time."

For all the congrats, thank you! 

In regards to the two part question the first book took me three years. I let the idea for the entire series percolate and it took six months just to figure out the formula. I had many false starts. Now that I have my Mystery 101 down as a mystery author it keeps getting easier to write better. Think of it like creativity body-building. I'm almost done with the first draft of TWIST's sequel CHOSEN and hope to have the final draft on my editors desk by Christmas.

For the snotty mention of all my free time and luxury: (insert rude noises here!). I don't have free time for writing, I make time. It is a job. For me it's a dream job and I press the 'I believe button' daily that it will support me some day.

My first video has to do with my book and what I think about the perceived over population problem YouTube has with self published authors promoting their work. Notice how I didn't say anything truly pissy yet? (pats self on back) With this week covered what do you think a good topic would be for next weeks vid? 

Leave your suggestions in the comments below!

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