Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Paperback Cover For 'Twist' Done!

As you know I've had a wild ride this weekend. I completed the International Three Day Novel Contest, had my witness statement signed that I indeed wrote my book titled 'The Academy' between Saturday 12:01 am and 11:59 pm the following Monday. I'm just coming down off the adrenalin high.

Driving over the new Bay Bridge was weird. I agree with people saying it reminds them of Boston.

Doesn't look like the usual drive into San Francisco.

Yesterday I was still amped and some how managed to focus enough to take advantage of it. I drove into the city to meet up with Kristi, my cousin and cover artist, to format the paper back cover to 'Twist'. During the night our friend Mona came over to give us some much needed input. We were glad she came over even though she had just gotten done working out and had stinky feet.  

Kristi did an excellent job.

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