Sunday, September 29, 2013

One Writer's Dirty Secret

So many writers claim to have a creative need for chaos. I've taken workshops and joined writing circles with writers stating with shameless announcements of how much they can drink, how they can't sleep until three am and rarely wake up before noon and how much partying they manage to fit in month to month. I listen with reverence on how prolific they are in spite of so many bad habits.

I enjoy a good party just like everyone else and I've been known to stack up a few sheets of paper. But, I CAN NOT FUNCTION IN CHAOS! Does this make me less of an artist? I can drink an obscene amount, and I do, but not when I'm writing.

If you've seen the pictures of my home office I've shared in previous posts my work area is immaculate.   I have issues with balance so I'm either hyper organized or a mess. My writing space is hyper organized. 

When I have deadlines my workout schedule becomes more regimented and my sleep hours better regulated. Sharing this with you is oddly cathartic. I've grown quiet in writing circles while listening to others explain how painful and unhealthy their 'process' can be. 

My creative process, unlike many other things in my life, is pretty healthy. Perhaps because when I'm writing I'm at my happiest. I also enjoy celebrating when I feel I've completed something. Hopefully there will be a lot more of that! ;)

E.L. Watts nominated me for a Liebster Award! Thanks E.L.!

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