Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Avoiding Burnout

I'm excited about going back to the San Francisco Art Institute, where much of the action in my book takes place, and begin promoting face to face with my intended audience. I'm excited about 'Twist's" sequel 'Chosen'. I nearly have the first draft completed. I'm also dreading the inevitable burnout!

It's easy to get rolled over by the proverbial snowball. As it grows in size it begins chasing you faster downhill. I've been warned by other writers in our community who have had this same experience. If you let your 'snowball' get too big too fast it will get to a speed you can't outrun and crush you. Think Loony Tunes. Elmer Fudd is running through the snow and Bugs Bunny's once baseball size snowball, now mountainous, crushes him.

I'm a new face on social media sites. While most others my age have built up a resistance to the bacteria I find myself exposed all at once and am now infected. 

I literally can't stop answering emails, responding to questions and plot pointing projects that don't even need to be thought of yet. I'm afraid that if I take a break my creative high will dissipate. I have three blogs and have been answering and sending countless emails trying to get my book reviewed/promoted. I've already had to turn off the internet once in order to get some writing done. Social Media ADD is it's own special kind of writers block. 

I'm ecstatic about my progress but I wont feel like I've published a thing until I get reviewed. I think tomorrow I'll take half the day to lie in sun since it's almost fall, but I can't promise anything.

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