Monday, September 30, 2013

An Addendum To Last Night's Post

Yesterday I posted that in order to stay prolific in my work I have to be hyper organized. It's been mentioned by a few people who followed me during the Three Day Novel Contest that they remember my mentioning large amounts of whisky. 

The Three Day Novel Contest is not a sustainable homeostasis. Yes, I was able to produce a first draft of a novel drinking whisky at night and tea during the day. I didn't eat much except candy and I slept in shifts. 

Shifts of restless naps filled with half asleep daymares about what a terrible writer, philosopher and human being I am. It's not how I operate day to day. Thank God. I was told Hemingway drank heavily to write beautifully. One reread of my first draft submitted to the Three Day Novel Contest confirms I am not Hemingway. 

I've recently been dealing with some heavy life stuff. I've been having a hard time accepting loss. In response to this I've started a Monday through Friday cleanse. I'm hoping the lack of toxins wont be too distracting and my brain stays creative. We'll see.

On a lighter note I finally cracked the Createspace code... again. More on that tomorrow.


  1. Hi Adrienne, thanks for joining my blog Books by Choice. I am still populating the blog data - phew, crazy world out there for me yet. lol. Good luck with your book. For me, to write an article is depressing, so keep up the good work, I am admiring you! My other blog is something-wordy-reviews . Enjoy a great one!

  2. Thanks Margitte! I'm just about to check out your other blog. It is a crazy world. At least we don't feel alone. Because on the internet we're never alone. Muuuhahaha (que creepy music)