Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I haven't posted in awhile because I've been getting Twist ready for it's Indie publishing debut. My editor got back to me with more chapters and said yes, my book has the potential to be really good if I can muster the patience to keep revising and refining. I was up late last night doing just that.

Editing the book myself was almost easier than going through professional edits and making revisions based on another's suggestions. It's hard, but worth it. I believe it's impossible for one to fully edit one's own work. Unless you're a freak of nature like Henry James and can write a perfect first draft every time you put pen to paper.

I was editing myself into oblivion. I am very thankful to have my editor but now I have to change up my work style. Into my sixth hour last night after feeling mentally exhausted and not a little depressed I had a breakthrough. I read my book cover to cover, again, loved it, again, but this time could finally get what my editor was saying.

My book is a sketch. The charcoal outline is there. The paint is mixed on the pallet. Now it's time to start painting. The color is coming together and it's starting to be fun again. And here I was getting worried.

New York never got back to me. Lame. I feel that the solicited manuscripts are a nice acknowledgement but I'm still disappointed. 

If you haven't already, check out my previous post containing the first three chapters of 'Twist'.

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