Friday, August 30, 2013

An Anchor Of Normality

I've decided to blog each morning over Labor Day weekend during the Three Day Novel Contest. If anything I'm doing it for the sake of posterity. It will be nice to look back on this and remember the excitement as well as the angst. I wish I'd done this the previous years.

I also think my blog will serve as a grounding tool. A reminder that this is a contest and while I would like to place this is supposed to be fun!

This is what my work space looks like now. To the left you can see I've framed the last two years of Annual International 3-Day Novel Contest certificates. That's how proud I am to have completed them. It was painful. 
Writing Corner

This is similar to what my story board will look like.

Story Board
Tomorrow I will post an update. Contest starts tonight at midnight! Wish me luck. BTW I heart comments!!!