Friday, August 23, 2013

3 Day Novel Contest

Only one week until the 3 Day Novel Contest begins and I haven't even started my outline. I just started jotting down ideas and decided I had to post my worry to my blog. Writer's blogs really are just another way for us to procrastinate. 

This will be my third year in a row participating in the contest. I recommend this contest to any and all aspiring novelist. Nothing kicks your but into gear to begin a novel like paying a fifty dollar entrance fee (thirty-five US for early admission) and telling all your friends and family about it. The first contest I did I wrote the first draft of Twist. In three days I developed a protagonist that now has her own series!

If you're like me and need deadlines to get stuff done then sign up. It's an annual contest that falls on labor day weekend. The experience is both wonderful and horrible at the same time. You can't get a full nights sleep if you want to get a novel done in three days. You kind of just take naps, restless naps. 

Last year I felt like my brain melted and would soon start running out of my ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. When I checked to make sure it wasn't running out of my eyeballs I was reassured after studying my fingers that the dampness I felt were mere tears of frustration. After I printed the 137 pages I'd written and mailed off my manuscript I felt like I could conquer the world. Check it out!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm excited and dreading it at the same time!

    2. That's kind of how I feel about this last semester! It's going to be gruesome but oh-so-rewarding when it's finally over!!

      Are you going to share your 3 day novel after the contest?

    3. I might share an edited sample. I'm hoping to jump start another series. ;)