Monday, July 1, 2013

Keeping Your Head Clear

I just joined a writers community through Google+. I'm still new to all of this. An interesting topic was how we all keep our head clear. Some writers insist they need quiet. So quiet even the white noise of cafes are out of the question. Some say they need music that's familiar. If it's too unfamiliar they'll get focused on listening to it leading to distraction.

I have to have music. Loud music. Even the din of a cafe is too calm. If I don't have loud thrilling music  my ADD kicks in and I'll find myself walking around my apartment. I need chaos. Sometimes I want Classic Rock. Sometimes I listen to remixed Swing. I've been known to write to movie soundtracks. That last one drove my ex nuts.

Now I live alone and Peaches never complains. If she thinks it's too loud she hangs out in the bedroom. Still, I have to remind myself I have neighbors. I got a noise complaint from the front office for blasting Beethoven's 5th on a loop after midnight. At least I was blasting something tasteful! 


  1. They should've appreciated that you weren't blasting death metal at that hour.
    I like loud music when I write as well.

    1. Right?! Now I wear headphones when I work past midnight. Which is half the week.