Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting Close To Completion

I made an addendum to my previous post of the first thirty-six pages of Twist. Now that it's been worked on by a professional editor the beginning has changed. If you want a sample of the mystery thriller I've been working on check it out! It's located under June. The title is First Four Chapters Of Twist.

Not that much more needs to be done before I'm ready to publish. I'm excited but I'm also a bit leery. I've recently received some interest from two literary agents in New York soliciting part and all of the manuscript. This doesn't mean that they'll even want to represent my work. It means they liked my query. I've sent the manuscript out and I know I should be excited. My problem now is I was so pumped about publishing it right away that jumping back into the waiting game is a bit demoralizing. Now I know why writers work on multiple projects at once.

So here's my solution so I do not make the mistake of putting all my hopes and dreams in one book again. Although I'm currently working on the sequel to Twist I am now consecutively exploring some non-fiction book idea's. That way I don't obsess and focus on one project. Not taking a break from one body of work and giving it time to percolate can actually inhibit the creative process. I feel by obsessing I've needlessly elongated the completion of Twist. 

Live and learn!

And to the artists that make fun of me for obsessing and beating myself up for not being more prolific, you're right! It's true you can't rush creativity. But that doesn't mean you can't get up before noon. You know who you are!


  1. I wish I'd had another project I was working on while my first book was on submission. And in the process of being published! I didn't even start a second one until the first was released. Now you know - dive into something else.

    1. By nature I am not a patient person but I'm trying. Thanks for your support!