Monday, July 29, 2013

First Church of the Sacred Silversexual

A female vocalist pays tribute to the Silversexual with an amazing set of pipes!

I was seven years old when I watched the movie Labyrinth and became obsessed with The Goblin King. Now as an adult I nerd out once and awhile and watch the movie and there are only a few very obscure David Bowie songs I do not know by heart. But I've never once been to a tribute show.

Now I'm proud to announce I am no longer a virgin to Bowie Mass!

At the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco last Friday July 26th David Bowie enthusiasts gathered to watch a mesmerising performance of David Bowie songs sung by both male and female vocalists with back up singers and go-go dancers flanking them on all sides.

Performer Honey Penny (middle), Friend Jersey (left), Cousin Kristi (right)

The best revue was the packed venue. It was asses to elbows but no one minded because it was such a great crowd. Everyone anointed was moved by the spirit of Bowie to dance. There was nothing sub-par about the performers. The musicians were on point, the vocalists impassioned, and the performance well executed. If you're a David Bowie fan come check these guys out! Their next show is in November. Look them up

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