Monday, July 29, 2013

First Church of the Sacred Silversexual

A female vocalist pays tribute to the Silversexual with an amazing set of pipes!

I was seven years old when I watched the movie Labyrinth and became obsessed with The Goblin King. Now as an adult I nerd out once and awhile and watch the movie and there are only a few very obscure David Bowie songs I do not know by heart. But I've never once been to a tribute show.

Now I'm proud to announce I am no longer a virgin to Bowie Mass!

At the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco last Friday July 26th David Bowie enthusiasts gathered to watch a mesmerising performance of David Bowie songs sung by both male and female vocalists with back up singers and go-go dancers flanking them on all sides.

Performer Honey Penny (middle), Friend Jersey (left), Cousin Kristi (right)

The best revue was the packed venue. It was asses to elbows but no one minded because it was such a great crowd. Everyone anointed was moved by the spirit of Bowie to dance. There was nothing sub-par about the performers. The musicians were on point, the vocalists impassioned, and the performance well executed. If you're a David Bowie fan come check these guys out! Their next show is in November. Look them up

Monday, July 22, 2013


Those familiar with San Francisco know that Dogpatch is a unique half residential, half industrial neighborhood. It's different from all other neighborhoods because there's ample parking, it's built on flat land, and did I mention there's parking? It's literally the only neighborhood in the City that has parking. 

I chose to juxtapose Dogpatch to Russian Hill in my Mystery Thriller Romance 'Twist' for the reader to get a better idea of San Francisco as a character in and of itself. I'm excited to get feedback from natives who can identify the local referencing.

The reason I bring this up is I'm designing the cover of my book. It's very exciting but San Francisco having so many landmarks is making it difficult for me to decide on the look I'm going for. I'm open to feedback and suggestions! :) I'm planning to do a cover reveal sometime next week.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Getting Close To Completion

I made an addendum to my previous post of the first thirty-six pages of Twist. Now that it's been worked on by a professional editor the beginning has changed. If you want a sample of the mystery thriller I've been working on check it out! It's located under June. The title is First Four Chapters Of Twist.

Not that much more needs to be done before I'm ready to publish. I'm excited but I'm also a bit leery. I've recently received some interest from two literary agents in New York soliciting part and all of the manuscript. This doesn't mean that they'll even want to represent my work. It means they liked my query. I've sent the manuscript out and I know I should be excited. My problem now is I was so pumped about publishing it right away that jumping back into the waiting game is a bit demoralizing. Now I know why writers work on multiple projects at once.

So here's my solution so I do not make the mistake of putting all my hopes and dreams in one book again. Although I'm currently working on the sequel to Twist I am now consecutively exploring some non-fiction book idea's. That way I don't obsess and focus on one project. Not taking a break from one body of work and giving it time to percolate can actually inhibit the creative process. I feel by obsessing I've needlessly elongated the completion of Twist. 

Live and learn!

And to the artists that make fun of me for obsessing and beating myself up for not being more prolific, you're right! It's true you can't rush creativity. But that doesn't mean you can't get up before noon. You know who you are!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's Too Close To Monday

I have so many things to check off my list of weekend tasks still and it's almost Monday. (sigh...groan...bleh!) 

My editor needs me to get back to her on three quarters of my book. I had gone through and re-written Twist using an active first person narrative. It helped me create more breaks in action while keeping the reader involved. Only problem is I missed a few spots. This is a no, no when sending a third (try third millionth) draft to an editor. Annoying your editor, especially a close family friend is not advisable. I need to go through my tenses and make sure they're in order so I don't drive the poor woman crazy. She's busy enough as it is.

Back up off me Monday!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Books On How To Write Books by The Hack

I should preface this post by stating I'm a huge fan of books on writing. My favorites are The Sound On The Page by Ben Yagoda and Bird By Bird by Anne Lamott. I describe both as brilliant, joyful to read, and inspiring. That's a good review.

Now onto the bad. When I'm browsing e-books looking for something similar I'm astounded by how much crap I have to sift through. Now, I'm the queen of typos at first pass, but if I'm going to try to sell a book on writing the least I can do is make sure it's edited properly. 

There's a myriad of fifty plus paged badly written hyped up digital books on how to write a book in no time, with little effort, and make six figures. I'm curious how one picks one of the hardest professions to make a living at and buys it as a get rich quick idea. Given how many e-books there are someone has to be buying them.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th! Be Careful Out There. Don't Walk, Drive!

It's almost noon in Tahoe and I guarantee you there are drunk drivers on the road. But hey. We live in a remote area, so why the hell not?

If you're going to be day drinking don't try and walk places. You might fall down and hurt yourself. If you decide to leave home after your twelfth mimosa at wine o'clock, make sure to drive damn it! 

And when you're drunk driving make sure to drive extra fast. That way you have less time on the road. This decreases your chance of getting pulled over and going to jail.

I should start a blog called 'Ask Adrienne'. IDK. I'm drunk.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Keeping Your Head Clear

I just joined a writers community through Google+. I'm still new to all of this. An interesting topic was how we all keep our head clear. Some writers insist they need quiet. So quiet even the white noise of cafes are out of the question. Some say they need music that's familiar. If it's too unfamiliar they'll get focused on listening to it leading to distraction.

I have to have music. Loud music. Even the din of a cafe is too calm. If I don't have loud thrilling music  my ADD kicks in and I'll find myself walking around my apartment. I need chaos. Sometimes I want Classic Rock. Sometimes I listen to remixed Swing. I've been known to write to movie soundtracks. That last one drove my ex nuts.

Now I live alone and Peaches never complains. If she thinks it's too loud she hangs out in the bedroom. Still, I have to remind myself I have neighbors. I got a noise complaint from the front office for blasting Beethoven's 5th on a loop after midnight. At least I was blasting something tasteful!