Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's In A Cover?

I chat with a friend using a hands free device as I draw up a blue print of how I want the cover of my San Francisco noir novel to look. I describe the cover in detail. Then, she asks the tough question.

"What does a cover matter? When most books are digital, who's going to care?"

I thought about it. Yes, it makes sense that selling your book through social media networks and by word of mouth one would think, what's in a cover? Once nothing more than protective jackets to safeguard fragile ink and paper from the elements book covers now hold little value. Or do they?

I confess that more than once I judged a digital book by it's cover. I'd put money down that I've probably passed on great books with boring covers. A digital book's cover serves just as much as a promotional tool as it's hard copy brethren's. 

I scold my friend reminding her not to diminish any part of the creative process. This is about having fun! She laughs at me. She loves to argue for argument's sake.

And I know you were playing devil's advocate BTW. Naughty! 

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