Sunday, June 16, 2013

Traditional Publishing versus Self Publishing

Due to present circumstances I must seriously consider self-publishing my Rebecca Ashley series. We hear over the top success stories of authors like Amanda Hocking and E.L. James. Unfortunately this has led to an influx of sub par writers. I'm referring to the 'get rich quick' hacks that now clog Kindle and Amazon searches.

I've read some wonderful self-published books. Most filled with typos but I won't point fingers. I've also began some terrible, terrible self published books.  A few could have gotten better at the end but I didn't have the stomach to reach the finish line. 

This weekend I met writer Dr. Ali Binazir who wrote Amazon's number one rated dating book The Tao of Dating. The down to earth fun loving man was generous with his advise. He swore up and down self publishing is the way to go.

Still, I'm not so sure. Being your own editor, sales manager and working with a non-existent marketing budget is intimidating. But I'm intrigued. 

A picture of my editor.

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