Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Setting As A Character

In college I remember reading about noir film establishing the City it takes place in itself as a character. When I think of Detective Marlowe in action the City of Los Angeles is definitely his regular leading lady. Los Angeles  comes alive when the shows about to go down. I feel that way about San Francisco in my mystery debut for my Rebecca Ashley series.

In Tahoe this weekend I thought about this down at the lake walking the dogs with my mom. The mystery Breach of Promise by Perri O'Shaugessy describes every Tahoe venue utilized in each scene in great detail without detracting from the story. I think about it every time I'm here. 

In regards to my book, now that I'm so close to publishing I'm second guessing everything. Once again the title has changed. That's no little detail. Although I love the title Lavaleire Fatale unfortunately it's not as accessible as I think it should be. The French title, although completely congruent with the plot, could confuse people to what the book is about. With my readers in mind I've changed the title to Twist. 

Peaches and CJ at the Lake

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  1. Maybe if there were a picture to match the french title it would eliminate some confusion?
    You're doing great! I enjoy reading your blogs.